The data foundation you need
to monitor fish development

OptoScales BioScope

Meet the BioScope

The bioscope is a measuring instrument that photographs passing fish in the pen, providing you with information about the facility’s condition. With the bioscope, you can weigh tens of thousands of fish daily, examine their health, and gain a complete overview of lice counts. The Bioscope analyzes the images and sends precise data directly to you.

The Bioscope

How the bioscope works

After a simple installation, the bioscope will deliver 40,000 approved measurements every day.

Our bioscopes feature “plug and play” functionality that allows for a quick and efficient installation. This eliminates the need for extensive cabling and complex configuration. You can start monitoring the pen more quickly, saving valuable time and resources.

Another advantage of “plug and play” is that the bioscope can easily be moved between different salmon pens as needed. This is ideal for those who want to control fish health at various locations.

With edge computing technology, data can be processed on the pen where coverage and network access may be limited. This ensures constant access to fresh and accurate data on weight, health status, and lice counts, enabling rapid and informed decision-making for optimal production.

Optoscale Bioskop Illustrasjon
Salmon in pen

Edge computing

Always access quality data

We deliver cutting-edge technology that forms the foundation for more precise monitoring, smarter decisions, and greater sustainability in the aquaculture industry.

OptoScale is a leader in the use of edge computing technology in aquaculture. By harnessing the power of edge computing, we have revolutionized the monitoring of salmon pens, enabling more efficient and precise data sharing.

Placing computers with advanced processing capabilities directly in the Bioscope offers several advantages. One key benefit is faster and more accurate data analysis. The vast amount of image and sensor information from the salmon pens can now be processed on-site, providing instant access to critical health parameters and lice counts.

With edge computing, we can also utilize advanced algorithms and artificial intelligence in real-time. This enables the detection of early signs of disease, assessment of salmon growth potential, and optimization of feeding strategies for improved growth and health. Another significant advantage is data sharing. Through our open APIs, you can integrate the data into the software you use.

Get a complete overview in OptoScale’s web portal

OptoScale’s user-friendly platform provides valuable information and a full overview of the development of your salmon in the pens.

You can continuously monitor various graphs and trends, offering insights into weight, health status, and lice counts, allowing you to make informed decisions for production optimization. Each time you log in, you receive a status update and can easily track developments, such as wound frequency.

In addition, you have access to high-resolution images if you want to conduct your fish inspection. You can zoom in and assess their condition without removing the fish from the water. Moreover, you can identify patterns, trends, and deviations in various parameters from pen to pen or across the entire facility.

The information is presented clearly so that you can quickly learn what you need to take action and prevent disease outbreaks or other health issues. Making decisions that enhance sustainability and, most importantly, fish welfare becomes straightforward.

You can also generate slaughter estimates to report weight and quality to the slaughterhouse and sales department, as well as download the development of various parameters in Excel or CSV format.

Overall, the web portal provides a complete overview of salmon production. This allows you to operate a more efficient and profitable business while ensuring high-quality and sustainable salmon farming.

Easy Installation

Simple installation and operational use of the bioscope ensure easy handling for caretakers.

Plug & Play

The system comes ready for use and automatically starts transmitting data upon deployment.


Reliable Reporting

Reporting of 40,000 approved measurements per day, per unit provides high security for correct reporting of biomass, welfare and lice.

Great Integration

Access to data via API for integration to the customer’s own analysis and management systems.

Top-notch Customer Service

Dedicated customer support ensures stable operation and helps you to correctly interpret the data.


Convenient access and an intuitive user interface for real-time analytics provide a solid understanding of the situation and a basis for taking action.