High accuracy in deep operation

OptoScale delivers precise data for submerged operations

We are developing technology with precision in focus, and are further developing our camera solutions for a segment that is completely dependent on reliable data every day – operations in submerged pens. By monitoring key parameters for fish growth and welfare, we make it possible to keep an eye on developments in the depths.

As you gain more experience with deep operations, OptoScale will further develop hardware that increases user-friendliness and software that enhances the monitoring of fish in submerged pens. Therefore, we can expect an operational method where both sea lice and fish welfare are continuously measured.

Optoscale Lice

Control of sea lice is a top priority

Research from the Institute of Marine Research and field experience shows that the sea lice pressure decreases with the salmon when the cage is submerged. Biological production still implies unpredictability, and control of the sea lice level is at least as important in the depths.

OptoScale has developed precise lice counting with a camera system that ensures high-quality images and efficient machine vision. With the bioscope in place in the cage, you can monitor the lice infestation daily. Hundreds of fish provide a daily basis for high accuracy for sexually mature and mobile sea lice. In addition, you get a status on the level of caligus elongatus lice.

Increased control on weight and welfare

Fish development is also important

With precise weight estimates, OptoScale’s bioscope ensures control of growth and condition factor (K-factor). This way, you can see how the fish perform in the depths in interaction with feed and feeding. For depth data on welfare, we offer several useful health parameters. On OptoScale’s web portal, you can see if the fish show signs of wounds or sexual maturation. In addition, you can examine health and quality yourself with high-quality images of randomly selected fish.

Increased control with new solutions for submerged operations

OptoScale has several solutions in the pipeline, specially developed for those of you with fish in deep operations. In the coming time, updates on hardware will make the operation and maintenance of the bioscope easier. New features in the software will add new parameters for insights into fish health and welfare. The goal of all updates is precise information for increased control in submerged aquaculture.

Swimming speed

If the fish is swimming too fast, it’s probably not a workout – but more of a warning. Abnormal swimming speed can indicate stress, low oxygen levels, or poor water quality.

If you’re currently measuring the fish’s speed with a stopwatch, we agree with you: it’s cumbersome, inefficient, and can yield inaccurate results. That’s why we now introduce the latest feature of the bioscope: automatic measurement of swimming speed.

With automatic measurement, you get highly accurate real-time data – at any time of the day. This allows you to:

  • Take immediate action if your fish shows abnormal speed.
  • Maintain generally healthier fish with better quality.
  • Eliminate manual measurements.

Curious about how the latest feature works? Or interested in a demo? Feel free to contact us here. We’ll be happy to hear from you!