Accurate data leads to profitable decisions

With OptoScale, you can monitor the growth and health of fish without manual handling.

“We believe that OptoScale’s technology will enable us to produce salmon with a lower environmental footprint, enhance fish welfare, and improve quality in the years to come.”

— Knut Utheim | CTO, Grieg Seafood ASA

Real-time measurements of weight, lice, and health provide you with the necessary tools to ensure fish welfare, reduce costs, and optimize operations.

Optoscale Fishcage

Our modules provide control

With real-time measurements of weight, lice, and health, you have the tools needed to ensure fish welfare, reduce costs, and optimize operations. OptoScale offers three modules available in a unified portal, easily accessible via mobile, tablet, or PC. Here, you receive real-time analyses from your fish pens. With an intuitive user interface, you have convenient access to the various modules and can compile data for better decision-making.


The weight module provides precise data on average weight, K-factor, size distribution in the pen, and growth rate. This information equips you to ensure the best possible production and profitability.


With the ability to conduct visual inspections and access precise fish health data, it’s easy to implement the right measures at the right time, all without removing the fish from the water.


Automatic lice counting saves you time and resources while allowing for swift action when needed. Additionally, you can count the lice on a larger portion of your population and receive updated figures daily.

OptoScales BioScope

The Bioscope

The bioscope is placed in the pen at the same depth as the fish population, and captures tens of thousands of images, providing daily precise information about the fish. The bioscope is easy to use, robust, precise, and requires minimal supervision.

Easy Installation

Simple installation and operational use of the bioscope ensure easy handling for caretakers.

Plug & Play

The system comes ready for use and automatically starts transmitting data upon deployment.


Reliable Reporting

Reporting between 10,000 and 40,000 approved measurements per unit per day provides high confidence in accurate reporting of weight, welfare, and lice.

Great Integration

Access to data via API for integration to the customer’s own analysis and management systems.

Top-notch Customer Service

Dedicated customer support ensures stable operation and helps you to correctly interpret the data.


Convenient access and an intuitive user interface for real-time analytics provide a solid understanding of the situation and a basis for taking action.