Cermaq Chile’s 3 requirements for OptoScale

Cermaq Chile

The bioscope gives us solid decision-making support and flexibility

As a leading player in aquaculture, Cermaq Chile is always on the lookout for technology that can improve operations. After testing OptoScale’s innovative solutions, the company has gained a new perspective on what precise fish monitoring and data analysis means for the business.

– For Cermaq Chile, it is crucial to produce high-quality protein. To achieve this, well-timed decisions are absolutely essential, explains Miguel Acuña, who led the project evaluating OptoScale’s technological solution.

Before partnering with OptoScale, Cermaq Chile had explored other suppliers. But after becoming familiar with the excellent results and feedback from OptoScale’s deliveries in Norway and Canada, Cermaq Chile decided to initiate a pilot project themselves.

The project spanned six months and involved the installation of four bioscopes. From the start, the Cermaq Chile team was determined to evaluate three critical aspects of the technology’s viability:

1. Seamless integration:
Could standard technology from Norway be implemented in Chile without major adaptations or challenges?

2. Commitment within the company:
Would they be able to create enthusiasm and support for the technology throughout the organization – from the facilities to the administration?

3. Accuracy:
Could the technology achieve the ambitious goal of having less than 3% deviation in the measurements – a crucial requirement for Cermaq Chile?

One technical aspect that set OptoScale apart from the competitors was their unique approach to data processing. They were able to process all the data locally on-site, which significantly reduced the amount of data sent to the cloud. This is especially crucial for areas with limited broadband or mobile coverage, a common challenge in various parts of Chile.

– The system’s simplicity and reliable reporting play a significant role in the decision to choose OptoScale, says Acuña.

The success of the pilot project is also attributed to Cermaq Chile’s professionalism and dedication. The company invested resources but also had a great enthusiasm to ensure the highest quality in all phases of the pilot project. As a result, they gained full control over the biomass and found significant value in closely monitoring the health and wound development of the fish. This is a critical aspect that has now become even more important for them.

– The bioscope from OptoScale gives us the opportunity to follow the growth daily with accuracy, while at the same time monitoring fish health and quality. “This provides us with solid decision support and flexibility in our process, helping Cermaq to achieve the goal of consistently being a sustainable leader in aquaculture,” concludes Acuña.

The impressive results from the pilot project led Cermaq Chile to make a strategic decision. In May, they signed a two-year commercial agreement for multiple OptoScale units and modules, marking the beginning of a promising partnership. For OptoScale, Cermaq Chile is not just a customer, but a valuable pioneer as the first customer in South America.

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