If we can measure it,
we can improve it!

Cooke Aquaculture Scotland

The insight enables us to optimize operations

With OptoScale, Cooke Aquaculture Scotland get accurate harvest estimates, enabling them to make informed decisions. Communication and knowledge sharing between the companies streamline the solution, and Cooke achieves a high level of control and accuracy in their reporting.

Cooke partnered with OptoScale in 2020 to improve control over the harvesting process and are very pleased with the choice. They were looking for equipment for automatic weight measurement, and OptoScale stood out.

Already in the first trial period, OptoScale proved to be a game-changer. The setup of the system was a breeze, with plug-and-play functionality that made it easy to mount the pen, place the camera in the water, and turn it on for real-time measurements shortly after. The system quickly provided processed data and delivered highly accurate weight measurements.

As a result of the successful start-up, Cooke Aquaculture Scotland has now increased the number of bioscopes in use.

An important reason for increasing the number of units was our interest in gaining insights into the fish’s performance throughout the entire sea period. Measurements at various times along the way allow us to calculate growth and feed factor. “This insight enables us to optimize operations, whether it’s related to feed and feeding, operational measures, or genetics,” explains Mark Weir, Feed Performance Manager at Cooke.

– If we can measure it, we can improve it!
It doesn’t have to be easy, even with the help of OptoScale. It requires a lot of time and effort, but I think we can reap the benefits over time, adds Weir.

The bioscopes have become an integral part of the operation and provide important measurements in all cages to be harvested. Cooke is pleased with all aspects of what OptoScale has to offer, experiencing minimal downtime and maximum control over fish weight at slaughter.

Cooke has a proactive approach that maximizes the benefits of the OptoScale solution.

Neil Ratter plays a crucial role in ensuring optimal performance of the technology. With a keen eye for detail, he places the cameras at the correct depth in the cages for accurate measurements. Neil has daily contact with site managers to ensure good placements, and with the production and sales departments to plan upcoming measurements. Neil also ensures that the lenses are cleaned when necessary to maintain the clarity and precision of the data.

The success story at Cooke Aquaculture Scotland demonstrates how a strong collaboration between technology providers and users is crucial in achieving outstanding results. With the collaborative effort of OptoScales and Cooke, precision reaches new heights.

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